Fall 2021

The Writing Center is open for in-person consultations this Fall.

  • To book an appointment, go to elon.mywconline.com. You can make an appointment in advance OR you can stop by without a prior appointment for a drop-in session.
  • In-person consultations are held in The Writing Center area of Belk Library, including rooms 108.1 and 108.4. To adhere to current Healthy Elon guidelines,
    • Students must bring an electronic version of their paper or two print copies to share.
    • Students who are not vaccinated should wear a mask.
  • A limited number of online appointments will be available in the evenings and on Sunday. Appointments are held within our appointment system. Please follow these guidelines:
    • Online appointments must be book for at least 30 minutes. Do not make a 15-minute online appointment.
    • Only consultants designated as online can hold online appointments. All other consultants are available for in-person appointments only.

We also offer a range of in-person and online resources. These resources include workshops in partnership with Learning Assistance, regular student writing get-togethers, and a blog offering writing tips, written by Writing Center consultants and Center for Writing Excellence directors.

Group of Writing Center consultants outside Belk Library, standing on steps.

General Information

Located in Belk Library, Elon University’s Writing Center provides direct support to individuals or groups. Members of the Elon community—students, staff, faculty, and community members—are encouraged to visit the Writing Center with all of their writing projects, including academic writing, professional writing, personal writing, and extra-curricular writing. The Writing Center strives to be a welcoming and non-judgmental place where all writers, regardless of experience or expertise, can work with a peer to improve their writing.

You can come to The Writing Center at any stage of the writing process–from beginning to understand the assignment or project, to notes, to a rough draft, or even a final draft. All types of writing are encouraged, from traditional academic essays to mixed-media projects such as research posters, slideshow presentations, or even videos. Consultants can help you brainstorm, organize, plan, cite, revise, or develop proofreading techniques—and more!

Approximately 40 Writing Center consultants, all highly-trained undergraduate students, are eager to work with you. You can make an appointment with our online scheduling system, or just drop-by without an appointment.

Dr. Julia Bleakney is the director of the Writing Center.