Elon honors master’s-level graduates in combined ceremony

Candidates from graduate-level programs in the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education, Martha and Spencer Love School of Business and School of Communications received their diplomas in a joint ceremony May 18 in 校友 Gym.

For the first time, master’s degree candidates from all six of Elon’s graduate-level programs that conclude in the spring received their diplomas in a single 毕业典礼 ceremony Wednesday evening in 校友 Gym.

The ceremony recognized graduates from the Master of Science in Accounting, Master of Science in Business Analytics, Master of Science in Management and Master of Business Administration programs in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business; the Master of Arts in Interactive Media program in the School of Communications; and the Master of Arts in Higher Education program in the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education. Though they have different professional paths, all of the graduates will embark on the next phase of their journey united in the core tenets of their Elon education.

Kerrie-Jean王 G’22 delivered the message of appreciation on behalf of the graduates.

Kerrie-Jean王 G’22 of the Interactive Media program, who was selected to deliver the message of appreciation on behalf of her fellow students, highlighted the common threads the graduates share across their areas of study. They are all lifelong learners who chose to continue their education at Elon, and they would all cross the stage to receive their diplomas and hoods because of their hard work, determination and drive.

“Though we have experienced different majors and concentrations, we have all had the privilege to learn and grow in a resource- and relationship-rich environment,”王说. “This is a campus where people who want to learn don’t just learn but thrive because of the resourcefulness, accessibility and inclusiveness that is Elon.”

King encouraged her fellow graduates to carry the lessons they learned both in and outside the classroom with them as they become leaders in their respective professions and to create the same kind of relationship-driven environment they experienced at Elon in their new workspaces.

“My hope for each of you, as we leave Elon, is that you stay curious,”王说. “Continue to seek out learning opportunities and use the tenacity that you have gained in your graduate studies to propel you forward and make the world a better place.”

卡罗尔·坎宁安, vice president of consumer insights and business strategy at BET, also focused on the power of education and human connection in her keynote address to the graduates. Cunningham grew up in Miami with a Cuban mother and a Honduran father who held education and helping others in the highest regard. With an unwavering work ethic, they made sure their family had every opportunity to grow and thrive.

卡罗尔·坎宁安, vice president of consumer insights and business strategy at BET, delivered the 毕业典礼 address.

Her father worked numerous shifts at United Airlines and her mother cleaned several convents and priests’ quarters for the Archdiocese of Miami so Cunningham and her siblings could attend Catholic school at a discount. They made sure an encyclopedia set was always in the house. They sponsored all 14 of her father’s siblings for U.S. citizenship and helped family and friends with finances because they epitomized “a spirit of each one, 达到一个,” a value Cunningham still carries with her.

“I know my life would not have been the same if my mother and father hadn’t come to this country to pursue their dreams,”她说. “James and Estela reminded us daily of what the United States represented for our family, and they had a love for education that was absolutely relentless.”

Cunningham’s career has been driven by a passion for consumer insights, consumer engagement and business strategy. She is fascinated by what makes people tick – their lifestyles, motivations, beliefs and values. That commitment to understanding people drives every facet of her work and has only grown stronger over time.

“If I learned anything from this pandemic, I learned about being an innovative disruptor, curating and creating content for change and doing good, making a connection with others,”坎宁安说. “… I’m challenging you all to speak up, engage and connect with others in a very real and necessary way.”

For the past 18 months, Cunningham has been working with companies such as Procter & 赌博, Unilever and McDonald’s to help them understand how to define their own “brand bravery” and voice to more effectively reach consumers. She quickly realized the same blueprint she developed for brand bravery is equally applicable to human bravery.

President Connie Ledoux Book presented the graduates with an oak sapling to symbolize their growth throughout their time in their respective programs.

“Lead with boldness,”坎宁安说. “Be direct in your intention. Operate with transparency and authenticity. Really embrace being transformative. Always be solutions-oriented; this world is riddled with enough problems. Focus on being an agent of cultural change. … Embrace your love truths and find your soul’s force. Walk connected to others by unifying and amplifying your voices so that they’re embodying the spirit of each one, 达到一个.”

In her charge to the graduates, President Connie Ledoux Book urged them to be resilient and steadfast like the oaks for which Elon is named. 橡树, 她说, symbolizes Elon’s community strength – a strength that now resides within the graduates as they begin a new chapter.

“I hope that each time you see an acorn or an oak tree … you are reminded of the personal leadership that you have developed during your studies at Elon,“书说, “strength and skills that I’m counting on you to use to make a difference in our world.”

Candidates for the Master of Science in Accounting Degree

Dean Anthony Anzalone

Jacob Mark Bicknell

John Francis Carro


Taylor Nicole Kassay


Sarah Jane McCarthy

Kaitlyn Paige Moonsammy

Ciara Therese Mottley

Bennett James O’Brien

Giavanna Lucia Papavero



爱丝琳P. 沙利文

Leah Nicole Traumuller

Candidates for the Master of Science in Business Analytics Degree


Suma Amujuri

Wai Yee Irene Chiu

Matthew Jacob Edsall

Maxwell James Ferrari


Graham Oliver Hutchinson

Frank John Iacobell


Tristan Michael Mazzulli

Israel Jacob Pattison

Alexander Hampton Taylor


Candidates for the Master of Science in Management

Catherine Christina Parsons

Candidates for the Master of Business Administration

Hunter Alexander Hampton Amos

M. 科里钟小.

Ashley Nicole Capps

亨利T. Carkhuff

Salvatore Catapano

Steven E. 迪瓦恩



Kengnjisu Fon-Ndikum

Brandon Rayjohn Freeman

Nicole Garcia Jorge

Alisha Brianna Harris

Blaise Andrew Haubert


Akinsola一. Kayode




Mark Edward Morton Jr.

Blanca Iris Padilla

麦肯纳B. 奎因

Benjamin Taylor Richardson

Charles Robert Rizzo


Chadbourne Mark Rumley


Emily Elizabeth Squicciarini

James Tyrell Stanley Sr.

Michael Tanner Strickland



Mary Margaret Welker

Donovan Miles Rivera Williams

Candidates for the Master of Arts in Interactive Media Degree

Diamond Alea Carroll

Zack Benjamin Fertig


Savannah Starr Knight



Christina Suzanne Marchand

Ana Luisa Martinez-Valles

Daniela Sanchez Romero

Alyssa Leticia Sandy

艾玛Rae Sisk

Tyrell Kelvin Smalls

Ivana Danielle Spurlock

Sophia Jacqueline Theriault

Master of Arts in Interactive Media Class of 2020 Graduates in Attendance


Rakhia Ardasia Bass

Tabari Jamaal Boykin

William Arthur Brown

Arlette Danielle Hawkins

Michael David Hemstreet

Tehya Rashan Jackson

Victoria Elise Murrell

Candidates for the Master of Arts in Higher Education

Chanece Lenae Bigelow

Nicholas John Boudreau

Casey Madeline Enright

Corinna Marie Fonseca

Jenna Catherine Gibilisco

Allison Elizabeth Mannai

Emilie Phyllis Newman

Norma Edith Rodriguez

Brianna Monique Torres

Mallory Nicole Williams


Nelson Rafael Ysabel