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每一个伊隆·洛2L在他或她的冬季或春季三个月里“外出实习”. This experience, formally known as a Residency-in-Practice, 在政府认可的执业律师或法官的监督下,为学生提供该领域的法律培训, judicial, nonprofit, corporate or law firm setting. Academic rigor is ensured through faculty-guided reflection and discussions.

General information about the 2022 residency requirement can be found here.

Important information and forms for students completing residencies & externships

For Current 2L Students

The number of hours of work required at your field placement depends on the number of credits you are taking.

7 credits = 315 hours over 10 weeks or 31.5 hours per week

8 credits = 360 hours over 10 weeks or 36 hours per week

Spring Residents – Important Dates

  • June 7: Presumptive end date. May vary based on holidays, weather closings, sick days, etc. 你的最后一天不仅取决于你的工作时间完成了多少,也取决于你的职业职责完成了多少.

For Current 1L Students

There are three paths to securing a Residency-in-Practice: 1) The Judicial Residency May Match; 2) The Independently Arranged Residency; and 3) The Fall Residency Match.

1. The Judicial Residency May Match

司法常驻是一个从内部了解司法系统的绝佳机会, to network, and to build your resume. 银河游戏app很幸运,不仅有联邦和州法官要求申请人在他们的班级中名列前茅,而且有机会进入专门法庭,他们只关心申请人有很强的写作技能和对主题的兴趣. So, if you did well in Legal Method and Communication, consider a Judicial Residency.

To pursue a Judicial Residency in North Carolina, review the 2022 Judicial Residency Catalog (password protected). You may apply for up to four placements. The application process involves two steps, both of which must be completed by APRIL 30. First, complete an application, available here. 第二步是将所需的申请材料发布到您的路径中. To the extent that you are required to prepare and submit a cover letter, 请在您的路径简介和标题,以判断您的求职信,以便银河游戏app访问信息, we know which cover letter and other materials we should submit on your behalf. 仔细检查求职信的称呼是否正确,拼写和语法是否正确. Many of the judges require not only a resume but also a writing sample and cover letter. Consider having others review your materials before sending them. Dean Duncan and Ms. Mencarini in the Office of Career & Student Development are available by appointment to provide assistance.


参加司法居留资格考试的学生可以匹配,但不会收到录取通知, may proceed along either of the other paths to obtain their Residency.

2. The Independently Arranged Placement

Students may arrange their own Residency OUTSIDE OF THE METROPOLITAN AREAS OF CHARLOTTE, THE TRIAD, 和三角形,只要预期的位置,不列在最近的目录参与网站.

Thus, STEP ONE of your search for an Independently Arranged Residency is to review the Residency Catalog (password protected) to get an idea of the Residencies that will be offered for 2021. Note that some sites listed have dropped out of the program and others may be added.

如果在居住目录中没有任何一个机会让你感兴趣,你想要的居住安置地点是在夏洛特之外, THE TRIAD, AND THE TRIANGLE, STEP TWO 是找一个有经验的律师或法官,愿意在实习期间监督你吗. To qualify as a Residency, 安置地点必须为你提供机会,使你有机会从事大量的律师工作,其经验与律师为客户提供咨询或代理或在直接律师或司法监督下从事其他律师工作的经验相当相似. 监护律师必须有至少4年的全职工作经验,而且不能是你的家庭成员. Information about the expectations of Residency Field Supervisors, found here, should be shared with any prospective supervisors.


  • Nonprofits, governmental agencies, 和内部法律顾问办公室广告招聘无薪实习生是实习实习的好候选人. They often have a history of working with similar law school programs. Internship listings received by the law school are posted in Symplicity, 其中还包含了如何获得实习机会的丰富信息,以及银河游戏官方下载网学生对他们工作过的地方的评估.
  • 许多网站为寻找学生实习生的组织提供全年的信息交换服务. You can find the links to these websites in Career Resources on Symplicity. For your convenience, 以下是一些最好的国内和国际实习在线数据库:
    • PSJD 是NALP的一个创举,其中包括一个为法学院学生和律师提供的在线信息交换中心,以连接公共利益的工作列表和职业建设资源. Includes Public Interest positions nationally & internationally. Registration is free.
    • Arizona Handbooks contains both the GOVERNMENT HONORS AND INTERNSHIP HANDBOOK, 详细介绍了入门级荣誉课程和在联邦政府和公共政策手册的暑期法律实习机会, a listing of policy internships, programs, clerkships, and fellowships divided by state. Obtain password from OCSD.
    • CEI Internships 是一个个人研究实习网站,直接从有兴趣雇佣大学生和法学院学生的雇主那里收集信息吗. The law student information is organized in books by practice area and state. You can find information on Legal Services Internships, Women’s Rights Internships, Green Law, Internships on International Affairs, Washington Internships on Law and Policy, to name a few. Obtain password from OCSD.
    • Internships.com is billed as “the world’s largest internship marketplace bringing students, employers and higher education institutions together in one centralized location.” Endorsed by Forbes as a top-10 internship search tool.
    • USAJOBS: Pathways Internship & Recent Graduate Program 是针对目前注册的学生和来自符合条件的教育机构或项目的应届毕业生,他们寻求有培训和导师的动态联邦实习和职业发展项目吗.
  • PRE-CHECK: BEFORE contacting any potential independent placement site, you MUST check with the Office of Career & Student Development (Dean Melissa Duncan at mduncan6@ukrsvoboda.com or Jennifer Mencarini at jmencarini2@ukrsvoboda.com)或住院主任(凯瑟琳·康纳助理教授,kconner2@ukrsvoboda.com) to determine whether you may contact the site. 此步骤确保您不会干扰伊隆与该网站已经建立的关系, in certain high-profile placement locations best contacted by Elon Law directly, that you are not undermining your chances of securing a Residency.

Once you have an interested and qualified attorney or judge, STEP THREE is to submit an application for approval. The application has two parts. The link to Part One, which students complete, is available here. Once this part of the application is submitted, 住院部主任将把第二部分发送给第一部分中确定的未来的实地主管.

时间:提交独立安排住院的申请截止日期为 AUGUST 31. 在此日期之前没有独立安排住院的学生必须在9月参加住院比赛. 只有在安置工作已经确定(或很可能确定)并且文书工作正在进行的情况下,才会批准延长时间.

住院部主任将通知申请独立安排住院部的学生她的决定或需要更多的信息. To prevent a denial, be sure to follow all the parameters above.

3. The Fall Residency Match

所有无法通过司法居住匹配或独立安排居住程序获得居住安置的2l必须通过秋季居住匹配获得居住安置. Details about this Match are to be announced. To get a sense of the placements that will be available, check out the Residency Catalog (password protected).

如果您对这个过程有任何问题或担忧,请联系凯瑟琳·康纳助理教授 kconner2@ukrsvoboda.com or in Room A223.

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