In order to keep 伦大学 safe 和 secure, 所有教师, 工作人员, 学生, 和 visitors to our campus are expected to uphold to the following rules 和 regulations.


停车 & 在校园里开车

The operation of motor vehicles on the Elon campus is a privilege, abuse of this privilege could result in fines or permit revocation so be sure to carefully read through the rules 和 regulations below. Although there are enough parking spaces on campus to accommodate all registered vehicles, the University does not guarantee that a parking space will be available at a designated location at anytime.


All student permits must be clearly visible 和 affixed on the right front section of the vehicle’s
前挡风玻璃.  All faculty/工作人员 permits are to be hung from the review mirror.


Vehicles may only be parked in areas designated by the letters on your vehicle registration permit (for a full list of designations 和 locations, 检查 指定的停车 & 费用页面). 停车 in restricted areas 和 no parking zones is not permitted 和 could result in a substantial fine, 拖, 或两个.


Improper registration or continuous rule violation will be sufficient cause to revoke motor vehicle privileges. Each registrant is responsible for all parking violations.


All North Carolina State laws apply to the campus.


Anyone who moves a traffic cone from a parking spot without authorization from 校园安全与警务 is subject to being ticketed 和/or 拖ed at the vehicle owner’s expense.


Student cars will be 拖ed from 所有教师/工作人员 parking areas Monday-Friday (year round) between the hours of 7:30 a.m. 和6 p.m.


On home game days vehicles left in the following lots will be 拖ed:

  • 威廉森大街的猎场. (includes behind the Schar Center)
  • 全球社区
  • 英格尔德/罗兹体育场
  • 巴恩斯很多
  • Koury/美术停车场
  • 曼银河游戏app很多

Inman 银河游戏app Welcome Center 停车 Lot

The Inman 银河游戏app Welcome Center parking lot is exclusively reserved for visitors Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. 6点p.m.从周六7点开始.m. 两点p.m. Unauthorized vehicles parked in this lot (including 学生, faculty, & 工作人员) during these times will be 拖ed. This is enforced year round, 和 during breaks.



In efforts to maintain a safe living, 学习, 和 working environment it is the policy of 伦大学 to strictly prohibit the possession of any weapons on university property or at university related events.  This includes any firearm, even with the possession of a valid concealed carry permit.  This prohibition extends to firearms locked inside of vehicle, while on university property.  武器的例子包括, but are not limited to: the use of any object as a weapon or in a threatening manner; guns, 步枪, 手枪, 子弹, 炸药, BB枪, 空气软枪, 油漆颗粒枪支, 弓和箭, 吊索照片, 鲍伊刀, 匕首, 闸刀刀, 金属关节, 把星星, knives of more than six inches when opened 和 any other weapon of any kind.




防火 & 安全法规

The misuse or abuse of any life safety equipment in any campus building or facility is prohibited.

假火警 willful damaging of any life safety equipment is not only an inconvenience to fellow 学生 but constitutes a real danger. 灭火器, 拉站, 警钟, smoke 和 heat detectors 和 alarm panels are in place for your safety. Use of these systems for other than fire emergencies; or abuse of these systems; or the intentional causing of a false fire alarm may result in a fine 和 possible dismissal from University housing. (Tampering includes moving, modifying, obstructing or in anyway altering life safety equipment.)

Open fire is not permitted in any residence hall or campus building. The intentional setting of any fire, which is not authorized or designed for a recognized 和 accepted purpose 和 practiced with proper safety precautions in effect, may result in the filing of a Safety violation.

The use of extension cords 和 multiple outlet plug adapters is strictly prohibited. Such use may result in a fine 和 removal of the cord 和/or plug. Power strips with overload circuit protectors may be used.

All buildings on campus must be immediately evacuated whenever a fire or general alarm sounds in the building. Intentional evading or refusal to evacuate may result in notice of violation. 在学生宿舍, the Resident Assistants 和/or Area Director will go room to room to ensure that evacuation of the residence hall is completed. They may be assisted by 校园安全与警务 工作人员 as required to effect evacuation. 在希腊住宅, 校园安全与警务 will make a tour of the residence to ensure evacuation procedures are followed. House officers that are in residence at the time will assist them.