Submit an Event Request Using 25Live Pro Scheduling

的 guide below details instructions for submitting Level II 而且 III event requests. 继续在这里或 download a copy of the guide.


  1. Navigate to the Event 而且 Space Management 主页,并选择  25Live 空间保留 图标 under the image slideshow.
    A screenshot of Elon's Event 而且 Space Management 主页
  2. Enter your Elon email username 而且 password to sign in. 你 may be prompted to complete multi-factor authentication (MFA) using DUO Security.A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学
  3. Updates about campus events will appear. 请 review details, then select 关闭 继续.A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学

Create an Event Request

  1. Select 活动形式 along the navigation at the top of the screen to begin completing your request.A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学
  2. Starting at the top of the form, enter event details. 你 must complete all required fields 保存您的请求. Some fields may search ahead as you type in them.
        • 事件名称: Used to display your event on the University Events 日历
        • 事件类型: Determines other choices in the 活动形式, e.g. 属性
        • 主要组织: Indicates the event host, e.g. your department 而且 additional organizations may be added
        • 事件描述: Details about your event, which will appear on the University Events 日历 to publish this event

    A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学查看页 Virtual Event Request Guide.Select the information 图标 for help or instructions for any field that displays it. Some help sections may be open by default.

  3. 输入一个 预计总人数 的事件. 然后,添加一个 事件描述 details.
        • 自定义格式: This field allows you to format text with a variety of options.

    A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学

  4. 接下来,指定 日期和时间 事件的. If the event occurs on multiple days, you will enter details in the next step.
      • “的 event begins 而且 ends on the same day”:您的活动将 总是 start 而且 end on the same day. 请  取消 this selection as it will interfere with the processing of your request.

    A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学

      • 额外的时间: 你 may add extra time for pre- or post-event activities. 这些活动 include setup 而且 breakdown, which are added as Custom Attributes later in the form.

    A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学

  5. 的 date you specified in the previous section will appear in the 日历. For multi-day events, please use the 日历 to select additional dates. A list of your selections will appear in a new window. 你 may adjust event hours for any date, if necessary.A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学
  6. Type a specific location or use 公共 or 保存 搜索 to view available venues.A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学
      • 关键字搜索:选择 更多的选择 to add additional parameters if you want to identify locations that include specific features, 布局或者能力.
      • 隐藏的冲突 & 执行员工:这些选项必须 总是 remain 取消ed as they will significantly limit the list of available locations shown.

    A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学

      • As you search, 25Live Pro will check venue availability based on the dates 而且 times specified. Select linked titles to view location details. If applicable, select 冲突的细节 to view related information.

    A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学

  7. 附加文件: Select 上传一个文件 to attach a JPEG or PNG file from your computer to the form. 你 can include up to five files, which cannot exceed 25MB.A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学
  8. 自定义属性: Select Additional Event Details to add custom 属性 relative to the event, e.g. 私人事件, alternate date or location, 餐饮的需求, 额外的安装时间, additional takedown time, 等.A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学
  9. 事件联系: 联系 Roles for this Event section is automatically completed based on your login credentials. 你应该 只有 edit these details if you are submitting the event request on behalf of someone else.A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学的 scheduler will automatically be assigned to your event for processing purposes. 请 不 change this section to ensure your event is processed in a timely manner.
  10. 事件的评论: 你 may leave additional notes about your event for Event 而且 Space Management staff in the 事件的评论 盒子.A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学
  11. 保存事件草案: 一节中 After Saving This Event, you may choose the area of 25Live Pro where you want to be taken after saving the event form draft. 然后,选择 预览 to view a draft of the form draft before saving or select 保存 提交表格.A screenshot from 25Live at 伦大学


  • 的选项 取消 the event form is 总是 available in the bottom right corner of the page, alongside options to 预览 而且 保存. 如果您选择 取消, be aware that your selections 不会保存.
  • 的 event request reference number is displayed after the event is saved. 你 can use this number later to quickly find the event in 25Live Pro.


参观 如何申请空间 page on the Event 而且 Space Management website to review information about event types, the space request process 而且 general policies 而且 procedures for university events.


For additional assistance, explore how-to articles in the 25Live Pro Knowledge Base or contact the Office of Event 而且 Space Management at (336) 278-EVNT (3868) or to inquire about training sessions.

A screenshot from 25Live Pro at 伦大学