Elon By Design offers ongoing workshops and events for students, faculty, staff, and surrounding communities. We have pre-set days & times you can register for below! 银河游戏app也将与你一起创造特殊事件,把设计思维带到你的课程中, organization or activity. Just ask!

Abstract diagram of the design thinking process.


fall in love with the right problem


listen to people, gather evidence, reveal insights


create options based on what you gathered


use what you created to make to learn


choose a solution to nurture and grow

About Our Workshops

Elon By Design提供了各种各样的研讨会,与Elon的设计思维过程相联系,以支持 design thinking learning paths, design projects in courses, service learning projects, entrepreneurship, and higher education innovation at Elon. 所有的工作坊都是实践经验,参加者可以运用设计方法和设计思维概念.

此外,请查看银河游戏app的专业发展协作,以获得更多的研讨会机会 Better Together Series.




All toolkits for applicable workshops can be accessed here.

Introduction to Design Thinking

What is design thinking? What are basic methods and approaches? 我该如何以及何时使用这些方法来支持我的职业、个人和公民目标? 本研讨会将通过设计思维中心的一个小组选择的创意会议来回答这些问题. 学员们带着对银河游戏app独特设计思维方式的理解离开, 应用设计思维的想法和解决问题的新方法, challenges, and opportunities.

Watch our video on the Introduction to Design Thinking workshop here and download this toolkit to practice using basic, design thinking techniques. 

Designing for Purposeful, Playful Learning

银河游戏app怎样才能从完全依赖拖延的学习转向完全依赖目标的学习, passion-full, and play-full learning? 本次研讨会利用有目的和有趣的学习和银河游戏app的行动- belong - commit框架的研究,以帮助参与者构建障碍和挑战, explore the relevance of their project goals, and visualize their preferred play styles. 参与者将为自己的项目设计一个学习原型,将自己的目标和游戏风格结合起来.

请观看银河游戏app的“有目的、好玩的学习设计工作坊”视频来了解更多 here and use this toolkit 练习将目标、激情和玩乐融入自己的生活. 

Elon by {Your} Design 

银河游戏app该如何设计真正支持银河游戏app个人的银河游戏app毕业计划, professional, and civic goals? 本次研讨会利用FIRE工具包,帮助参与者反思他们过去的学习经验. Participants will also explore their preferred learning styles, Elon’s Act-Belong-Commit framework, and experiential learning opportunities. 现在就申请一个研讨会,设计出更有目的性和更灵活的途径.

Cocreated by Academic Advising, the Center for Engaged Learning, the Student Professional Development Center, and the Center for Design Thinking.

注册预先设置的研讨会下面,观看银河游戏app的视频由伊隆 {Your} Design here, and download the packet to design your own Elon experience. Access the preparatory packet for Elon By {Your} Design workshops here.

用反种族主义来确定你的旅程:探索2021年的共同阅读 & Elon’s History and Memory Report

Where are each of us in our journey towards anti-racism? Where do we want to be? How might we get there? 这个学生设计和领导的研讨会探讨了来自Stamped和Elon History的突出主题 & 记忆报告,帮助参与者框架和探索历史压迫的影响. 学员们在结束学习的同时,也为自己的反种族主义之旅提供了可操作的模式,并学习了在整个过程中保持弹性的做法.

Flop Shop: Designing for Resilience

How might I fail forward instead of falling flat? 报名参加这个研讨会,更好地了解如何在面对生活的挑战时保持弹性! Through design thinking, we investigate how to better understand and cope with failure, how to reframe our flops, and how to support others. 参与者带着可执行的策略离开,帮助他们向前失败,而不是彻底失败.

Watch our video on the Flop Shop workshop here and discover how you can practice failing forward with this toolkit.

Experience Mapping

我怎样才能更好地理解人们是如何经历复杂情况的? 我该如何利用我所学到的知识来改变我与他人交往和解决问题的方式? 

体验映射是一个关键的设计研究方法,帮助参与者理解他们和其他人是如何经历复杂的情况. It can foster the empathy necessary to better understand the problem, target areas for deeper exploration, and generate novel ideas to explore with others.

Create your own experience map with this template.

Cultivating Mentoring Constellations

How might we design a lifelong constellation of mentors? 银河游戏app怎样才能学会建立包括同龄人在内的发展网络呢, staff, and faculty, as well as people beyond the university? 

Students in this workshop will generate a mentoring constellation, explore opportunities for enhancing their current connections, 留下培养终生支持网络的下一步策略.

Use this toolkit 反思你与导师的经历以及你想要达到的目标.

Learning to Prototype

Why do students and professionals prototype their ideas? 银河游戏app如何构建有效的原型来解决现实世界的限制? 

Participants in this workshop will practice thinking-by-making with a preconceived idea from their organization. The workshop discusses the importance of prototyping, provides actionable strategies for testing designs, and allows participants to practice prototyping techniques. 参与者在离开研讨会时将会学到各种原型方法,这些方法可以应用到他们的个人和专业项目中.

Customize a workshop to fit your needs

您是否有一个独特的设计问题,可能需要更定制的方法? Do you have a new idea for a Design Thinking workshop? 

Contact us to collaborate on a workshop specifically tailored to your needs!

Workshop Series

This series is student-designed and led 与种族、民族、多样性教育中心合作. 每个讲习班都帮助参与者制定自己的反种族主义旅程,并为重新设计压迫性结构创造可行的机会, processes, and cultures within their own lives and communities. 您可以只要求以下研讨会之一或参加完整的系列 and deepen your journey towards anti-racism.

Addressing Implicit Bias

How might we recognize and address our own implicit biases?

内隐偏见是一种扭曲的透镜,影响着人类的思维和行为方式. 这个工作坊帮助学生了解偏见在他们生活中的作用, explore the current impact of bias, 并创造可行的机会来帮助重新设计压迫性的系统.

Use this handout to map your journey with implicit bias.

Designing Liberatory Cycles

社会化周期如何在银河游戏app的日常生活中发挥作用并影响银河游戏app的心态? 银河游戏app怎样才能摆脱压抑的循环,产生支持更多样化的解放循环呢, equitable, and inclusive places?

在这个工作坊中,学生将探索消除压抑循环的机会, generate actionable strategies for transformation, 留下创造更包容、更公平地方的原型.

Practice designing for liberation with this toolkit

Cultivating Anti-Racist Practices

Where are each of us at in our journey towards anti-racism? Where do we want to be? How might we get there?

This workshop explores prominent themes from Stamped, 帮助参与者构建和探索压迫历史的影响. Key terms, such as ally, accomplice, actor, segregationist, assimilationist, and antiracist are explored. 学员们在离开的时候可以获得可操作的模式,以支持他们自己的反种族主义之旅,同时学习在整个过程中保持弹性.

了解如何利用此工具培养反种族主义做法 handout.