The Isabella Cannon 全球 Education Center (GEC) is happy to help you start planning for 出国留学 and/or 研究美国 在 your time at Elon. The following steps outline the advising process and provide you the framework for researching and finding the best program for your specific goals and graduation plan.

First Steps Towards 全球 Engagement With Elon

Before you begin: apply for a passport

Do you have a passport? Is it valid (will not expire) until AT LEAST six months after your intended program end date?

If you answered “no” to either question, apply for or renew your passport now.


完成 Who Are You 问卷调查 before meeting with a GEC advisor so they can know how to best support you in terms of advising sessions, additional resources, and other questions to think about. You’ll first be prompted for background information such as emergency contact and mobile number, 然后会被问到与学术相关的问题, 文化, 个人, and professional goals. Take as much or as little time as you want with this — the 问卷调查 is a snapshot of where you are right now.


What are my academic goals for the term abroad?

  • Do I want to take classes in my major(s)? For my minor(s)? For Elon Core Curriculum requirements?
  • Do I want to begin or continue to study a language?
  • Do I want to complete an internship while abroad?

What are some of my 文化 利益?

  • Do I want to study in a specific country or region?
  • Do I want to study with local students? 伦的学生? International students?
  • Do I want to live in a large city? In a small town? In a 农村 area?
  • 我想和其他学生一起住在宿舍吗? With a local family? In an apartment?


  • 出国期间是否想参加服务学习或志愿工作?
  • 在国外的时候,我想要得到伊隆学院的支持吗?
  • 我想参加一个有高水平支持服务的项目吗? Or a more independent program?

Are there any special needs to consider when selecting a program and planning to study abroad?

  • Do I have a medical, psychological or medical condition for which I will need treatment or medication while abroad?
  • Do I have special dietary needs?
  • 我在国外能得到足够的住宿吗?

有关健康和饮食规划的有用信息可以在 健康 and 安全 page.

在这一步, you should have a good sense of who YOU are — you’re reframing the question of “Where should I go” to “Who am I.” That’s where we start.

Connect with 全球 Ambassadors

联系一个 全球 Ambassador 向经历过你的学生学习. 全球 Ambassadors are 出国留学 and 研究美国 alumni trained in how to help you prepare for your own global engagement and excited to assist!

与与你有相同专业的全球大使交谈通常是有帮助的. Even if you are not interested in the specific 出国留学 or 研究美国 program in which the 全球 Ambassador participated, 你会发现讨论他或她之前计划如何完成课程是有帮助的, 在, and after the term away.

在这一步, you should have a better sense of how your peers in your fields of interest have integrated global engagement into their own plans.

Research your options and course planning

Put your planning tools to work to do some initial research into programs that might work for you.

使用 search parameters on MyElon全球 to search for programs that support your goals. Search by program parameters such as “disciplines of classes available” and “internship available” to find programs that support your graduation plan.

使用 Course 计划ning webpage 看看你在哪里可以获得毕业要求的学分.  Specifically, use the Transfer Articulation Table 开始了解哪些项目提供具体的课程.

在这一步, 你应该能够列出一个简短的清单来支持你的目标, 利益, and academic needs.

Assemble your 全球 Engagement Advising Team

这个团队包括所有支持你在伊隆的顾问, including your GEC advisor, your academic advisor, 和任何额外的适用资源,如财务规划, your internship advisor, and 全球 Ambassadors.

当你在讨论主修或辅修课程的时候, planning courses, or mapping out a graduation plan, 确保你把学习计划放在心上. 如果你打算在国外度过一个学期或一学年,这一点尤其重要. 制定一个灵活多变的计划. It is important to note that some semester programs’ calendars will conflict with the Winter Term at Elon. You may not be able to take a Winter Term class right before going away for the spring and should plan accordingly when creating a graduation plan.


为了按时毕业,我计划完成哪些要求? 我在选课上有多大的灵活性?

  • 想想你在休假期间想学什么课程,或者需要完成什么课程. This can include courses in your major(s), in your minor(s), and Elon Core Curriculum requirements. Determine whether there are any specific Elon course(s) or requirement(s) that only fit into your schedule the term you plan to study away. 考虑一下你在休假期间是否有空间选修任何自由选修课.


  • 如果你打算在离开的时候参加你专业的高级课程, 确保你能够在银河游戏app大学提前完成必要的先决条件.


  • 学生在离开学校期间可以获得4到20个学期的银河游戏官方下载网学分. 所需的最小小时数和允许的最大小时数将有所不同.  Determine the minimum number of semester hours of coursework you would need to complete while away to be able to stay on track for your progression toward graduation.

我感兴趣的项目都开设了哪些课程? Which ones seem, based on the course descriptions, to be a good fit for the course(s) I need to take?

在这一步, you should know how your resources at Elon can support your 出国留学 or 研究美国 program and should have a clear academic roadmap with your advisor.

Narrow your options

Once you have identified your 利益, 设定一些目标, 和你的学术顾问讨论了你的计划, 你已经准备好决定哪个课程最适合你的毕业计划. 当您查看来自两者的每个程序的信息时 MyElon全球 and from the host brochure directly, consider all aspects of the program: courses, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, language of instruction, geographical location, 设置(城市, 农村, 等.), housing, cost, GPA, and other requirements. 请记住,您可以通过这些不同的标准搜索 Advanced Search.

Read all the information on the program page and click on the various links to explore host institutions, course listings, and other resources. 许多项目都有脸谱网群组的链接. This is a great way to connect with other students who have been or are currently on the program. Getting in touch with these students is a helpful first step in taking an inside look at the program.

你可能会发现在这个阶段与你的GEC导师会面是有帮助的. You are welcome to schedule an appointment by calling — the GEC front desk can help determine which advisor makes sense for you.

In order to make the most of your appointment, it is recommended that you complete the steps outlined above before scheduling your appointment. In preparation for your appointment, 写下你的问题,收集任何形式的计划(毕业计划), major check sheets, 学位审核, 等.),这可能有助于澄清和提供背景,你的留学和本科目标. Your GEC Advisor will also reference your Who Are You Questionnaire to make the most of your session.

在这一步, you should be well informed of the details of your top programs and confident in how those programs support your goals.

Select your program

After learning from your peers, utilizing your advising team, and thoroughly researching your options, 您已经准备好选择最能支持您的目标的程序!  检查 最后期限 webpage for information on when the application will become available and to note important deadlines.

检查 政策 webpage to make sure you’re informed on final details, 例如付款信息和取消政策的最后期限.


应用 for your program

当需要应用时,点击“现在应用” MyElon全球 brochure page to begin the process. While application elements vary based on program and term, here is generally what is required:

  • 要求你的学术顾问写一封推荐信. 有些项目需要额外的教师或语言推荐. Your recommendations need to be REQUESTED rather than RECEIVED by the deadline in order to be completed on time.
  • Submit the $400 Application Deposit. This is paid directly through the E-Bill system and takes up to two business days to be processed in your application. Your deposit must be PAID rather than PROCESSED by the deadline in order to be completed on time.
  • Complete your Course Review Form DRAFT (not applicable to short-term or faculty-led programs). For details on this form, please see the Course 计划ning page. Your Course Review Form DRAFT must be SUBMITTED rather than APPROVED by the deadline in order to be completed on time.
  • 阅读并签署担保书.
  • 阅读并签署付款和取消政策.
  • Read and sign the Student Responsibilities.
    完成 GEC Access Scholarship 问卷调查.
  • 写你的 essay questions.
  • 完成 Student Conduct 问卷调查.

一旦你的申请的所有要求都被标记为完成, your application is complete! There is no final “submit” button. 如果您对申请流程有任何疑问,请参阅银河游戏app的常见问题.

在这一步, you’ve completed your GEC application and are awaiting acceptance or approval.


Once your application is complete, it will be reviewed by your GEC Advisor either by the decision date posted on the brochure (if submitted 在 the Open Period), 或在完成后两周内(如在滚转期内递交).

一旦你的状态改变为“接受”或“批准”,“你将会有一套新的申请要求, 在大多数情况下,包括直接向接收院校提交申请, visa processing, and course registration.  你还将开始其他离职前的流程,比如参加 mandatory orientations, acquiring recommended vaccinations, managing your housing arrangements 伦, planning financially to make the most of your program.




“出国留学让我打破了任何预想中的限制. Going abroad has helped strengthen my confidence and I now feel more assured in making independent decisions”

– Erin Leonard, ’21


“通过留学,我学会了如何走出自己的舒适区. 我一直认为自己非常外向和独立, but studying and learning in a different country allows you to test your limits to what you think you are comfortable with!”

– Sam Chessen, ’21