Legal Professions Scholars are academically strong students interested in pursuing a career in legal education. Students spend two years working with dedicated faculty mentors learning about the law alongside a community of peers from various majors across campus with similar interests. Critical thinking, problem-solving and professionalism are emphasized, as well as interactions with students and faculty at Elon University School of Law.

Year One

In the first year, students participate in engaging experiences with attorneys and other legal professionals. Fifteen first-year students will:

  • Take Elon 1010 taught by the director of Legal Professions Scholars
  • Connect with law-related campus opportunities including Phi Alpha Delta and Mock Trial
  • Attend lectures and panel discussions on law-related topics followed by a meal with guest speakers for discussions and analysis
  • Attend SURF (Spring Undergraduate Research Forum) presentations followed by a dinner with presenters to learn more about research opportunities on campus

Year Two

This year emphasizes service in the legal profession. Legal Professions Scholars will:

  • Attend a welcome gathering and share first-year experiences
  • Participate in a mentoring program with first- and second-year Elon Law students
  • Explore opportunities to work with refugee resettlement, legal compliance in hospital settings or connect with local attorneys in private or business sectors
  • Take Introduction to the Study of Law and develop an understanding of legal readings and research materials

Ready to Apply

The Fellows and Scholars application is due January 17. Students may apply for up to two Fellows and two Scholars
programs. Students with substantial and broad leadership experiences in their high school and/or communities are competitive candidates for Elon’s Scholars programs. Fifteen Legal Professions Scholars are selected in each first-year class.

Students can apply to the Legal Professions Scholars program following submissions of their first-year application.