Welcome to the 全球教育中心 (GEC) 出国留学 homepage. Elon has many program types to consider, which fulfill different needs for different students. There are many tools and resources linked from this page to assist students and their families in selecting a best-fit program.


Short-Term programs are 留学美国 courses developed and led by Elon faculty and staff that typically focus on a specific subject area. One or more program leaders travel with a cohort of Elon students to learn and explore together. 通过设计, short-term programs integrate many group activities into their curriculum and provide a structured, 丰富的全球接触.



Elon Center programs are Elon’s signature opportunities both abroad and in the USA and offer Elon students unparalleled opportunities to integrate global engagement programs into the Elon experience. 在银河游戏app中心的一个项目上, you will study with a group of Elon students and typically have the support of an Elon faculty member on-site. These programs are offered in partnership with organizations abroad, but are customized to fit the needs of Elon students.


下属 & 交流项目

On our semester and summer affiliate programs, you will take part in a study abroad program sponsored by a U.S. organization or directly enroll in classes at a university abroad. These programs are carefully vetted to ensure that they align with 伦大学 standards for study abroad. 学生 can meet major requirements and continue progress towards their Elon degree.

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The 双学士学位 allows Elon students to spend their first two years studying at Elon and their last two years studying and working abroad. The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business is partnered with ESB Business School in Reutlingen, 德国, 兰斯的NEOMA商学院, 法国, Universidad Pontificia Comillas-ICADE in Madrid, 西班牙, and Universitá Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore in Piacenza, 意大利, to offer four year dual degree programs where students earn one degree from Elon and one from a partner institution.

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If you plan to arrange your own academic internship abroad or to conduct independent research or an independent study under the supervision of an Elon faculty member, part of your approval process includes GEC approval.

To learn more about internship credit at Elon, please see this 有用的资源 from the Student Professional Development Center (SPDC).

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The Isabella Cannon 全球教育中心 (GEC) requires students to attend Elon-vetted study abroad programs unless there is a compelling academic reason to attend a program not reviewed and vetted by Elon. 如果你选择探索其他, non-Elon programs during the semester, 冬季学期, 或夏天, 你必须完成一份请愿书.



万一有紧急情况,就去看看 紧急.伦.edu or e网新闻 for vital instructions and information.

调用伦 校园安全 & 警察 is the most effective way to respond to emergencies abroad, outside of the Elon 全球教育中心’s regular business hours. 学生 experiencing a psychological crisis should also contact 校园安全 and 警察 at (336) 278-5555 并要求与 下班后辅导员随叫随到.