Welcome to Elon!

Your admission to 伦大学 marks a significant life transition and your commitment to become part of a vibrant academic community. This university community – the faculty, staff and your fellow classmates – has prepared an environment defined by curiosity, engagement and reflection, and filled by ideas, theories and questions. Your decision to attend Elon indicates you’re ready to join this academic, intellectual community. Your Elon journey is going to be filled with triumphs, 兴奋, 增长, 学习, and sometimes nervousness, 失败, and apprehension. Throughout those experiences, the New Student Programs (规划的) team is prepared to help enhance your Elon experience by facilitating opportunities for you and your family to feel engaged, equipped and prepared to succeed.

To help you prepare for a great year, we have planned a comprehensive 伦绑定 experience in three mandatory phases. Be sure to read through the information about all three to ensure you are prepared for the journey ahead!

If you have any questions about how we can assist with your transition to Elon or about getting involved with 规划的, please stop by our office at 103 Jackson Hall in the 全球 Neighborhood or email us at nsp@ukrsvoboda.com. Welcome to your new home!

Your 伦绑定 Journey

伦绑定 Virtual Pre-Orientation

This required 伦绑定 virtual pre-orientation program is for all new, first-year and transfer undergraduate students. Beginning in mid-May students will access the program using their Elon username and password. Families can create a guest account and explore the virtual pre-orientation program for themselves. It includes a series of modules, videos, and quizzes to help prepare you for your Elon journey. You will receive information about fall course registration which will be critical for you to successfully register yourself for your first semester of classes at Elon!

当前的伦 faculty and staff wishing to view the program should create an account and login through this separate portal. 

建议 & 登记

Once you have completed the 伦绑定 Virtual Pre-Orientation program, you will sign up for a required small group advising session. We offer a variety of advising sessions. Some will be focused on certain academic disciplines, such as in the Love School of Business or the School of Communications. Others will be general sessions for students with any academic interest. These sessions will last 30-minutes and will be a small group of 10 or fewer students. We will review the Elon Core Curriculum, the use of Student Planning to register for classes, incoming credits you have earned, and to discuss questions that you have. Once you complete your required small group advising session, you will be provided your date and time to register for your classes.

New Student Orientation

Whether you are coming to Elon as a first-year student or a transfer student, New Student Orientation (NSO) will ensure that your transition to Elon is smooth and enjoyable. All new students (both first-years and transfers) are expected to participate in New Student Orientation which directly follows move-in and is scheduled Friday, August 19 through Monday, 8月22日. Classes begin on Tuesday, August 23.

Additional Tasks

There are numerous tasks to complete between now and Move-in Day! Be sure to check off items in the 伦绑定 Virtual Pre-Orientation checklist! These same items can be found on the New Student Programs website and in your Acorn Account. Don’t delay, start your 伦绑定 journey today!